Photo Tour - The Wiggins House
Creature comforts in
1800's were few and
non-existant. Notice
the chamber pot,
washstand with
pitcher and the
fireplace coal bed
warmer. Bed
mattress was stuffed
with feathers.
The Wiggins House is a one-roon structure
with a fireplace for heating. The building
originally had a detached kitchen. There was
no inside plumbing or electricity. Water for
drinking and cooking was brought in from a
spring, or gathered by rain barrels set beneath
the eaves of the house. The house and
surrounding yard was enclosed by a picket
fence to keep animals from the flower beds
and from entering the house. James William
Wiggins and his wife Louise Casey Wiggins
built the house in the mid 1800's on land that is
now part of the Cliffs of the Neuse State Park.
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