Photo Tour - Park Hill School
The Park Hill School is typical of rural schools in Wayne County at
the turn of the 20th Century. This building was erected in 1941
approx. 1/4 mile east of Selah Church on land deeded by Nathan
Bishop and Sarah Wilson Cox. It was the third Park Hill School
building in that location. This building was moved to
Waynesborough and restored by the Grand Lodge of the
Independent Order of Odd Fellows and is considered their state
museum. The Neuse Order of Odd Fellows Lodge was chartered at
Waynesborough in 1845 and is still an active lodge meeting regularly
in Goldsboro. The pier the house sits on contains marble slabs
original to the Odd Fellows Orphanage formerly located in
Goldsboro's Herman Park on Ash Street.
Although a school building by design, the interior is furnished with Lodge Furniture and ceremonial decorations.
The display cases house many lodge garments, lodge documents and other lodge museum artifacts.
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