Photo Tour - The Blacksmith/Buggy Shop
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Building Photos
Photo Tour - The Blacksmith/Buggy Shop
The Original Blacksmith Shop
stood on the Waynesborough Historical Village grounds
for many years next to the General Store.
A couple of years ago it was realized that this shop no-longer
served its purpose and a transformation began
A few months later, the Building & Grounds Committee submitted a
concept sketch of a 16 x 16 Blacksmith & Buggy Shop to the Board of
Old Waynesborough for consideration. At the beginning of 2010
construction of a new 16 x 20 building began.
Commercially constructed of wood this story and a half building is topped with a sheet metal roof.
The building is situated atop a raised berm across the village entrance drive from the Pavilion.
The design of this building gives the resident Blacksmith Charles (Andy) Anderson more room to
work, better ventilation, better viewing by public guests and provides a safety barrier for the guests
from the hot forge, coal smoke, flying sparks and metal shards. The forge and anvil area has a
cobblestone floor with sand grout. The half story above the forge area will be used as a display loft
for finished goods and antiques of the 19th century. The open dirt floor area under roof outside the
shop will be used to display wagons, farm implements and other items of interest.
Blacksmith 'Andy' looks about his new domain and begins to setup equipment and displays in
anticipation of the first public viewing. The new forge is fired and a sample piece of iron is pounded into a
test piece. Smoke from the forge chimney indicates all is just about ready to go.
On April 10, 2010 during the first annual "Pig-in-the-Park" event, a anxiously awaited dedication
ceremony was held to celebrate the new Blacksmith and Buggy shop. A flame was started in the forge at
the original Blacksmith Shop and the transferred to a bucket to be carried to the new building.  The
Blacksmith and assistants in a ceremonial walk carried the flame down the anvil lane and entered the new
building. The new forge was then lit with the old forge flame and the first piece was wrought as on-lookers
watched. The blacksmith grinned from ear to ear with joy as he was able to at last be in his new home.

With maybe a few exceptions, the Blacksmith will have this new shop open every Saturday for public
viewing during warm months. The shop will be open during all public events and standard items or those
custom made by request will be for sale as souvenirs. The public is cordially invited to come see this new
building, meet the Blacksmith and observe his work.