Waynesborough Historical Village
New for 2008, the Music & Paddle Fest event is
conceived to be a FUN event for everyone to
promote interest in Waynesborough history. The
main premises are
music & paddle boat rides on
the Neuse River. Visitors can see the history of
Waynesborough in the Historical Village
Buildings, and hear the historians who provide
information on each one. Exhibits of crafts,
persons in period dress, folklore, kids games and
demonstrations such as blacksmithing and
weaving further tell the story of Waynesborough.
A ride on the Neuse River brings home the
concept of river commerce and travel important
to the economic development of
Waynesborough. A hay ride exhibits the beauty
of the Historic Village and Waynesborough park.
Gospel and Bluegrass music
by area muscians
provides a relaxing atmosphere . Food &
product vendors are on site as well.
If you didn't make the event this year, we
look forward to seeing you in 2009!
Paddle Boat Rides on the Neuse River
We unfortunately cannot control Mother Nature and paddle boat rides on the Neuse River had to be cancelled.
Heavy rains attributed to Hurricane Hanna caused river water levels to be too high and currents too swift to safely
conduct this portion of our event this year.
Event Volunteers
Not all event volunteers pictures are shown here but we thank them very much for their dedicated support.
Exhibits: Crafts & Cultures
Music Group: The Harmony Boys - Southern Gospel Bluegrass
Craft Demonstraton: Reed Weaving
Music Group: Samantha Casey & the Bluegrass Jam - Gospel & Bluegrass Music
Boy Scout Dutch Oven Cooking Contest:
Troop 59 Contest Winner
Troop 59 Winner
Visitors: Activities
Music Group: Daniel Tull - Southern Gospel Bluegrass
Visitors: Relaxing and enjoying Gospel & Bluegrass Music
Visitors: Relaxing and enjoying Gospel & Bluegrass Music
Demonstration: Historic skill of Blacksmithing
Visitors: Viewing craft displays
Information Exhibits:
Demonstration: Birds of Prey, Falconry
Demonstration: 19th Century Wooden Toys
Visitors: Attendance - Parking
Music Group: Brush Arbor - Southern Gospel Bluegrass
Photo Features
Building Photos