Mr. William P "Bill" Kemp, Jr.
          Mr. William P. Bill Kemp, Jr. was born in Easton, Maryland, but lived the last 75 years of his life in
          Goldsboro, North Carolina. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, after serving
          during World War II in the Army Air Corp, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration.
          Upon returning to Goldsboro, Bill worked in his family's furniture manufacturing business. He held numerous
          company positions and ultimately served as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Whether
          functioning as a wrestling coach, scoutmaster, or North Carolina legislator, Bill Kemp was immersed in all
          aspects of the Goldsboro community. His name was associated with many Goldsboro organizations including
          but not limited to the Jaycee's, Rotary, Red Cross, United Way, Chamber of Commerce, Habitat for Humanity,
Recreation and Parks Commission, Wayne County School Board, Wayne County Mental Health Association, and the Boy Scouts.
It was at Old Waynesborough, however, that Bill created an everlasting niche. It was not an uncommon sight to see him planting
shrubbery and trees, weeding flower beds and working by hand with rake and shovel. Bill's gardening philosophy was founded  
upon the principles that tree roots should be left undisturbed and trees and shrubbery should be spared the touch of the pruning
blade. His was a visionary and loved the outdoors, nature and wildlife. As President of the Old Waynesborough Commission, Bill  
Kemp advocated and fully supported the creation of a hiking and nature trail system along which all the species of trees would be
identified and wildlife could live uninhibited. He frequently stated that City residents should be given an opportunity to enjoy
nature, trees, birds and animals in a natural setting, Bill took special pride in noting that these objectives could be accomplished  
while at the same time reclaiming a former landfill. The dedication of the hiking and nature trails at Old Waynesborough in Honor
of William P. "Bill" Kemp, Jr. serves as a living testimony to his life's work and is a small way of saying "Thank You".
William P."Bill" Kemp Jr.
Hiking and Nature Trails
Old Waynesborough Commission, Inc.

Waynesborough Park

Waynesborough Historical Village
Old Waynesborough Commission, Inc.

Waynesborough Park

Waynesborough Historical Village
William P."Bill" Kemp Jr.
Hiking and Nature Trails
At 2pm, Saturday, December 13, 2008
A dedication ceremony was held in the
Waynesborough Historical Village to
honor Mr. William Kemp, Jr. and unveil
the William P. "Bill" Kemp Hiking and
Nature trail sign with a memorial stone
beneath surrounded by a bed of living
flowers. President of the Old
Waynesborough Board of Directors, Mr.
Arnold Leder opened the ceremony and
commented on the life's work of Mr.
Kemp and his contributions to Old
Waynesborough. Comments were made
by Goldsboro Mayor Al King,  Wayne
County Commissioners Wilber "Andy"
Anderson and Dr. Sandra McCullen. Old
Waynesborough Treasurer, Tommy
Jarrett made the Formal Dedication.
For the sake of a clear website visual presentation the Hiking and Nature Trails sign has been highly modified to enhance the actual
trails that are accessible to the public during daylight hours 365 days a year in Waynesborough Park. There are four color coded
trails: Red, Blue, Yellow and Orange. Each of these trails are accessible both from the Historical Village and the Park parking areas.
These trails are designated for pedestrian hiking only and
no private vehicles are allowed past either parking lot area.
BELOW: Pictures from the William Kemp Nature & Hiking Trails System - Refer to the Map above for location
Red Trail Left            Combined BYO Trails    Yellow Orange Split        Park Picnic Area           Floating Dock
River Overlook      Neuse River in Autumn  Neuse River in Spring  Neuse & Little Rivers Join     Cypress Swamp
Cypress Swamp                Cogdell Cemetery         Bramble Clearing              Foot Bridge        Bridge Reverse View
Bluebird Nesting Box  Tree Identification Sign     Spring Blossoms         Installation of New Scenic Overlook Bench
(1) There are three wooden foot bridges scattered over the entire trail system.
(2) Bluebird nesting boxes were placed on all trails to promote inhabitants and to reduce insect population.
(3) Tree species identification signs are posted beside major species for trail user edification.
(4) Wildlife abounds in the wooded areas of these trails and it is possible to encounter deer foraging for food.               
Please do not scare or harm any wildlife that may decide to make itself visible to you.
(5) The trail system is under constant development and improvement. Eleven benches have been placed along the trails     
       provide resting places and scenic overlook points for the trail user.
(6) Please respect the sanctity of the Cogdell cemetery, please view it from outside its fence. Please do not deface the
monuments or markers.
(7) Enjoy the trails,  they are here for "you" - Bring your camera, a cell phone and water bottle.
(8) Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
(9) Dispose of trash in containers provided at the picnic/camping area.
(10) No fires for any reason outside of designated camping areas. (Camping site reservations can be obtained at the
Visitors Center).
(11) Crush out smoking materials, discard (cold) material in trash containers.
(12) Practice low impact hiking and leave it as you found it
(13) Observe the daylight only usage rule.
(14) Report anything unusual to the Waynesborough Visitors Center 731-1653
(15) No intoxicants, alcohol or other controlled substances are allowed on any part of the Old Waynesborough property.
(16) In case of emergency, DIAL 911 on your cell phone.
(17) Please note: In warm weather months, it is not uncommon to encounter an occasional snake in areas near the Neuse
and Little Rivers. (No sudden moves, just back away) Also mosquito's may like you, don't wear cologne, bring spray!
Segments of the Kemp Nature and Hiking trail system are now a part of the "Mountains to Sea" trail system!
To learn more about Mountains to Sea trail system visit the MTS website.
Friends of Mountains to Sea


AT LEFT: Google Earth Map with Kemp Trials System
super-imposed for clarity of site terrain.

AT RIGHT: Kemp Trails System super-imposed on Google
Earth Map with Latitude - Longitude overlay.

CLICK on either map to see a larger image.
Hiking & Nature Trail System

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